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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tick Talk – How to Prevent Becoming an Untimely Host

ü      Stay out of wooded or grassy areas.
ü      Wear long sleeves and long pants if you are in an area where ticks are common.  Shower as soon as you come indoors.  Ticks often remain on your skin for hours before attaching themselves….
ü      Keep your pets on a leash and don’t let them wander in tall weeds and grass.
ü      Apply an insect repellent with a 10 to 30 % concentration of DEET to your skin AND clothing. (A 10% concentration protects for about 2 hours). DO NOT use DEET on the hands of young children or on infants younger than 2 months.
ü      Tick-proof your yard by clearing branches and leaves, and keep woodpiles in sunny areas.

Tick Talk…You Got Caught…
1.  Remove the tick promptly and carefully. Use tweezers to grasp the tick near its head and pull gently to remove the WHOLE tick without crushing it.  Removing an attached tick within 48 hours decreases your risk of Lyme Disease.
2.  If possible, seal the tick in a jar. Your doctor may want to see the tick if you develop signs or symptoms of illness after a tick bite.
3.  Use soap and water to wash your hands and the area around the tick bite after handling the tick.
4.  Call your doctor if you aren't able to completely remove the tick.

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