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Friday, 19 August 2011

Stacey's Favourite Things!

Here at Sereda’s we have a wide variety of products that would appeal to anyone & everyone. I decided to talk to the boss, Stacey, herself and see what some of her favorite products are… these must be awesome!

Every morning when she comes to work she grabs a London Fog from the coffee shop. This hot drink consists of steamed milk, Earl Grey Tea, and Vanilla flavor! Mmm… Sounds DELICIOUS! Come in and warm up with a London Fog on a cold day!
Now, Stacey occasionally has a bit of sweet tooth. To satisfy this, she usually munches on Bottle Caps- a sweet lil bite size candy that tastes like soda pop! Check out our confectionary section and pick up some bottle caps!
Stacey’s kids have great tastes in toys. We have a great selection here at the store. One perfect toy for her little girl is our Baby Stella dolls from Manhattan Toys. These dolls are soft, durable, and cute. They also come with a magnetic pacifier. For her son she says “He likes everything”. This is true; he can always find something he likes in the toy section. Check out our famous toy lines, Melissa & Doug, Alex toys, and Manhattan Toys.
The Gift shop & Cappuccino Bar is a spectacular aspect of our store! We are constantly getting new giftware. Stacey likes nearly everything in the gift shop but her favorite thing right now is our Napa Fire Pots. These make an excellent accent piece for indoor or outdoor use. Come on in and check out the one’s we have on display.
We have so many great products here at the pharmacy! These are just some of Stacey’s favorites. You have to come down and check out our great selection!

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